The Beauty of Consignment & The Impact of Supporting A Circular Fashion Economy 

The term “Circular Fashion” was first coined at a seminar in Sweden back in 2014, where a more circular approach to the fashion industry was the core focus. This pivotal distinction came at a time when the floodlights were cast on an industry whose impact was coming under serious scrutiny. 

So what is circular fashion? Essentially, an approach to the production, distribution & use of clothing & other fashion items that keep them out of a landfill, at least for as long as possible. Instead of having pieces that are produced, worn & then discarded into the trash for whatever reason (maybe the quality of the garment doesn’t hold up, maybe the person is tired of it, etc.) a circular fashion economy keeps that produced item in circulation. 

Join The Circle

Circular Fashion also nods to how the quality of how something is made or what it is made with can greatly impact the longevity of how long something can stay in circulation, maybe even getting a third or a forth life it they are pieces that can be passed down to children or even grandchildren. And even if you aren’t someone who enjoys shopping for pre-loved pieces, you can still contribute your “hot-off-the-press” styles you no longer wear which means you can still be part of the circle. There are many ways that we can all contribute to a more sustainable approach to clothing (as well as lots of other household items) whether you’re the designer, the wearer or anyone in-between.

Why Consignment?

Consignment in particular is an approach where instead of donating pieces, you receive a commission on the sale of what you consign. For items that you know could easily be loved & worn by someone else, it offers a new shopping experience for people without any environmental impact of new production.  

There are loads of reasons why someone might be wanting to clean out their closet & letting go of certain items that once hung on hangers or lived tucked in drawers. Maybe items no longer fit, maybe someone’s lifestyle has changed, the items were inherited or gifted to them from different sources. Whatever the reason, when an item is still in great condition (or in some cases, new with tags) why shouldn’t it get a second life? 

To start consigning with us at Bishop’s just send an email or give us a call & join the circular fashion economy today.