How To Consign With Us?

Here is an overview of our consignment process.

What is the overall process? 

We start to accept Fall pieces in September & then slowly move into accepting Winter items with a hold on intake from January to March. 

Spring & Summer items we begin to accept in April. 

We will go through the items that you bring into the store for us to take a look at while you are present. We will assess each piece based on the season (see below), condition & we also take our inventory into account. So for example, if we have a lot of white denim jeans at the time you come in, we most likely won’t take more pairs of white denim jeans even if they are in great condition. Also, please note, that just because you come in with some great items, there is no guarantee that we will take in any items from you. It has nothing to do with your pieces, but can totally reflect either what season they are for or the current amount of stock of similar items that we already have in the store. 

If you are a new consignor, we will set you up with your own account & client number whether we accept one item or more than one. We keep items on the floor for 3 months & you can either select to pick up any items that do not sell, in some specialty cases we can extend the time a piece has on the floor at our discretion, or you can elect to have the items donated which we give to one our local affiliations (link the Giving Back Page). It is a 60/40 split with 40% for the consignor. You also have the options of either receiving payment or utilizing proceeds as store credit. 

If you are curious to see what kinds of items we typically accept or carry, we encourage you to come explore the store if you are in the area or explore our online shop to get an overall feel for our vibe at Bishop’s.  

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to visit our Contact Us & send us an email or give us a call.