Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an appointment? 

No appointment required! We are able to take a look at your items in-store during store hours Tuesday to Thursday. It’s not a bad idea to call ahead to give us an indicator that you’ll be by & that way we can also let you know the status of how much we are accepting at that time.

What kinds of items do you accept or not accept? 

We do not accept underwear (including nylons), sporting attire (golf wear, ski equipment,etc), knock-off designer pieces, jewelry, children’s clothing & we don’t do a whole lot of men’s-specific items at this time. We are extremely selective when it comes to activewear, & select a minimal amount each year. We also will be looking for any wear & tear or damage to all items & do not accept anything that has visible or extreme signs of wear.  

We are very season specific & will only consider summer clothing (sleeveless, lightweight, open toe, shorts, tank tops, etc.) during our summer intake months. The same goes for Fall/Winter items, we will only consider any heavy knits or other cold weather pieces during our Fall/Winter intake months.  

Are there any brands you don’t accept? 

We aren’t a brand-specific consignment shop. We have all kinds of brands ranging from Joe Fresh to Chanel. We believe that a great piece is a great piece regardless of the brand.

Do you accept vintage items?

We do! We will look over any vintage pieces the same way we look at anything else. We will not accept pieces that have stains, rips or other indications of heavy use/wear.

Do you authenticate?

Please note that any designer pieces will undergo an authentication process as we do not accept faux or knock off items.

How do I know what you are looking for specifically at any given time? 

You can always give us a call or send us an email (contact page) to inquire on our current stock situation & what we are looking to accept.

How do I check on my account status? 

We are working on going to a digital platform, but until that time, you can check on your account status anytime by giving us a call, popping into the store or sending us an email.